Banana Fruit: Plantain Health Benefits

 Banana and longevity. Folk physicians of ancient Persia and India regarded this golden fruit as natures secret of perpetual youth. Even today, banana is known to promote healthy digestion and create a feeling of youthfulness. It enhances calcium, phosphorous and nitrogen retention which in turn helps in the regeneration of healthy tissues.

Banana (or Plantain) health food. The banana is of great nutritional value. It has a rare combination of energy value, tissue-building elements, protein, vitamins and minerals. It is a good source of calories since it is rich in solids and low in water content as compared to any other fresh fruit.

Banana for energy. A large banana supplies more than 100 calories. It contains a large amount of sugar that can be easily assimilated by the body. This makes it a good source of quick of quick energy and an excellent means to recover from fatigue. The use of bananas has been found beneficial in the treatments of several medical conditions such as intestinal disorders, constipation, arthritis, gout, anemia, allergies, kidney stones, tuberculosis and urinary disorders.

Home Remedies with Bananas

Eat banana at night to get relief from constipation. If suffering from diarrhea you can use raw bananas. Boil the raw banana, mash it and add a pinch of salt and butter. Eat it to get relief from diarrhea.
Banana or plantain has been widely used as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Mash 1/4 banana till it becomes a smooth paste. Cover your face with it and leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water followed by splashes of cold water. Pat it dry.

Mash one ripe banana in one cup of milk and drink it at least 2-3 times a day to treat skin allergies.
You can use banana peel inside out for treatment of warts. Use the peel inside out and cover the wart by taping it. Once the peel turns black remove and continue this for some weeks to get relief from wart.
You can use banana peel for treating poison ivy rashes. Rub the peel inside out over the rashes; it soothes the skin to provide a cooling effect.

Banana peel can be used if you have bruised yourself. Tape it overnight to see the positive results in the morning.

To get rid of hangover you can drink banana milk shake mixed with honey. Banana helps in soothing the stomach and body.

If you are pregnant, and want to avoid leg cramps, eat bananas before going to bed.

Eat three bananas a day to prevent ulcers. It will help to soothe your stomach and reduce the ulcer pain.

Consuming a banana after every meal helps in reducing the heartburn.

To decrease menstrual bleeding drink the mixture of boiled banana flower with buttermilk.

Consuming two tablespoons of burnt banana leaves mixed with honey helps relief hiccups.

Rubbing banana peel inside out is the best remedy for mosquito bites.

Bananas can help Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) sufferers as it contains natural mood enhancers and trypotophan.

It contains high levels of Vitamin C, A1, B6, and B12 which helps people give up smoking. The potassium and magnesium found in bananas helps the body recover from the effects of withdrawal symptoms.
Eat bananas in every form ripe, raw, cooked, milkshakes and desserts. It helps in treating many ailments related to your body.

Drinking extract from the stem attached to the banana cluster helps kill tuberculosis bacteria.

To combat alcohol addiction drink a small glass of the boiled mixture consisting of 3 banana peels, Tabasco, water or milk from 1 coconut, brown sugar or sugar loaf to taste. Let it ferment for 3 days and add snifter of liquor. Do this for nine days.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Source: Health Guidance

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